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Independent Reading Project  

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  • Guidelines

    Independent Fictional Novel Reading Project Due: May 8th, 2017

    Your project must be completed on a Tri-Fold board (any color).

    Tri-Fold Board Must Haves:

    *Your board must include the title and author.

    *You must label the Exposition: (RL 6.3)

    -You must include the setting. Be sure to include at least three details from the text that provide detailed information about the setting- including the year (the past or present day if the specific year is not given), time of year, city/state, etc…

    -Describe the main character(s) fully. List 3 character traits and use textual evidence to support your choices-You must include the major conflict of the story.

                                You need at least 7 major events!

    *You must include a section that includes a series of episodes from the story that describes how the plot unfolds. Think of beginning, middle, and end. Please do not include the Resolution. We want the audience to read the book and find out! (RL 6.3)

    *You must include at least 5 examples of figurative language from your novel. You must state what type is used (simile, personification, hyperbole..) and explain the meaning behind it. Why does the author use it in the text? (RL 6.4)

    *Should also include the point of view the story is being told from and evidence to support your answer. (RL 6.6)

        * first-person may be used to develop readers' empathy for the main character…

        * first-person may offer readers a deeper understanding of the main character….

        * third-person limited is when the speaker/narrator is an external voice (as evidenced by he, she, it, her, him, they) who only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character…

    *Also, include the theme of the text What lesson about life is revealed in the story? Provide a short paragraph, using textual evidence, to support your answer.(RL 6.2)


    *Add illustrations, words, phrases, ..etc that would best describe the key points of your novel.

    *Information must be typed!

    Poster Suggestions:

    *neatness counts!!!            *bright colors

    *interesting and appropriate fonts    *descriptive words

    *statements that convey the tone and mood of the story

    *clear story elements            *use as much color as possible

    *Use bold colors            *take your time on artwork

    *use proper vocabulary/no slang    

    *start with the wording on the poster and then add the other details    


    Independent Fictional Novel Reading Project Due May 8th, 2017


    I will offer 3 after school sessions to aid students if they need it. These dates are:

    • Thursday, April 27

    • Tuesday, May 2nd

    • Thursday, May 4


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