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Argumentative Writing


Argumentative Writing


*Good writers choose their position on a topic

        There are often 2 sides (position) for argumentative writing. Those for it and those against it.

*The purpose is to convince your audience by providing sound reasons!

*Good writers provide sound reasons for their opinions. (reasons that can be proven with facts!)

Reliable Sources:

Writer’s use Sources that you can trust to have accurate (true) information.

*copyright/last updated

*Who created the site?


*Never use wikipedia or blogs for reliable info!


Writers make a claim right away by clearly stating their position and giving brief reasons for their claim. (be sure to try and hook your reader from the get go)

Imagine that you are out shopping with your parents and all of a are sudden you turn around and you’re by yourself! What would you do? Well, if you had a cell phone you could call your parents right away! I believe that children should have a cell phone. Cell phones can help in emergencies, assist with academics, and can provide entertainment for kids.


Writers cite evidence to support their reasons, including the name of the source.

Ex: According to the article…

Scientist Dr. Larson stated, “.......”




Writer’s follow REEL when setting up their paragraphs to improve their writing. (for reason paragraphs)

R-Restate your Reason

E- Evidence

E- Elaborate

L- Last thought



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