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Marching Band at Fair

The Campbell Memorial marching band represented the Campbell community exceptionally well with their performances at the Canfield Fair. Great job, students – you've made us proud!

Here We Go Devils!

Great job to our CMHS cheerleaders who rocked the mat today at the Canfield Fair. Excellent job ladies; coaches you should be proud of how well they represented us.

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CEMS Recess

CEMS Update: One of the best parts of the day - recess! Everybody needs a break, time to move and an opportunity to connect with their friends. These 1st graders are enjoying the weather and one of our playgrounds!

CMHS - Fall Sports 2023

Check out the Fall Sports Schedules and come support your Red Devils! Schedules

YSU English Festival

Congratulations to the students who participated in the YSU English Festival this year!  Students were required to read 7 books assigned by the festival committee and enjoyed a day of reading and writing with peers from around the area.  Three authors attended and engaged the students with tales of their writing.
Thank you to the Soroka Foundation for sponsoring our trip.
Great job Red Devil readers! 

Campbell Community Closet

Spring has sprung and new clothes are being hung in the Campbell Community Closet!
We will be reopening Tuesday, April 18 with a new collection of spring and summer tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, dresses, and more! See you soon!

Tornado in a Bottle
Tornado in a Bottle

The 2nd graders from Mrs. Ugolini’s class visited Mr. Ralf in the Campbell CLWCC. The students created tornadoes in a bottle and were able to take the project home to recreate the experiment! All of the students were engaged and had a great time learning about air pressure and how it can create a perfect storm - always a great time!

Mrs. Valingo's English 1 Class Wrote Reviews and Analysis
Mrs. Valingo's English 1 Class Wrote Reviews and Analysis

This week students in Mrs. Valingo's English I class wrote reviews and analysis of some of their most and least favorite things based on John Green's Anthropocene Reviewed. They also constructed objects to represent their reviews in the dirty lab with Mr. Ralf. Then they presented their information to their class using their constructed items as their visual aid. #whatsyourimpact


Go Red Devils!!

Little Dribblers

Such a fun last day with our Little Red Devil Dribblers
Special thanks to our Memorial High School Girls and Boys Coaches and players!! #GoRedDevils

1st Grade Staff and Students learn about "Energy"

Mr. Ralf taught 1st grade staff and students about "energy"
Check out these demonstrations about "ENERGY"
Energy Demonstrations

Calm and Inviting Learning Environment
Calm and Inviting Learning Environment

Mrs. Ladigo's 3rd Grade classroom is an incredibly calm and inviting learning environment! Dim lights, soft music, and even the crackling of the fire up on her Smartboard! Students practiced their sight words together and got time to discuss literacy with Mrs. Ladigo!

Lets Go Devils!
John Knapick Field
John Knapick Field
ESports Lab
ESports Lab

ESports Lab at the CLWCC

D'Amato Fieldhouse
D'Amato Fieldhouse

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CEMS Update: Check for a REMIND message from one of our teachers today! We are doing a check-in to make sure you are connected! If you receive the message, please respond. If you do not, let's fix that. Contact me or the CEMS office to update your contacts. Thank you!

Actualización de CEMS: ¡Busque un mensaje RECORDATORIO de uno de nuestros maestros hoy! ¡Estamos haciendo un check-in para asegurarnos de que esté conectado! Si recibe el mensaje, por favor responda. Si no es así, arreglémoslo. Comuníquese conmigo o con la oficina de CEMS para actualizar sus contactos. ¡Gracias!

Read More about CEMS UPDATE - REMIND

Attention parents and families, please note our staff will be using the app "Remind" as one of our main forms of communication with you this school year. This app can be downloaded to both Android and apple devices. We encourage you to join our school "Remind" notifications as well as your child's teachers courses.

Read More about Impact Communication - Remind

Hey Campbell - are you ready for Remind? We need you to update your contact information!
Campbell City Schools will be using Remind as it’s main communication platform! From the classroom, to the football field and all the way to the school bus - we want you to stay informed!
Please make sure your primary phone number and email are updated to help with this process! Call your building office to make these changes.
Hola Campbell, ¿estás listo para Recordar? ¡Necesitamos que actualices tu información de contacto!
¡Las escuelas de la ciudad de Campbell utilizarán Remind como su principal plataforma de comunicación! Desde el aula hasta el campo de fútbol y hasta el autobús escolar: ¡queremos que te mantengas informado!
¡Asegúrese de que su número de teléfono principal y su correo electrónico estén actualizados para ayudar con este proceso! Llame a la oficina de su edificio para realizar estos cambios.

Read More about Campbell Communication - Remind

In our High School World History class, our students and Mr. Ralf, were able to recreate some of Galileo’s inventions. Students had the option to pick any one of his famous works, but were given limited material while doing so, pushing them to research and decide which task would be most suitable for what they had in front of them.

Seniors in the class who finished the project early had the chance to do their own independent build separate from the course work, as they worked on a holographic projection. Everyone had a blast piecing the projects together!

Read More about NEOIA - HS World History

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Mission & Philosophy

The Campbell School District is a very proud and culturally diverse community that takes a sincere interest in the education of its children and families.
Our mission is to provide an educational environment that:
- offers opportunities consistent with each learner's needs and stage of development
- creates exciting, challenging learning experiences
- fosters members of society who are cooperative, self-sufficient, ethical, and responsible
- engages all community members and resources
We are dedicated to meeting the inherent challenges of our evolving educational needs by:
- diversifying our methods of instruction
- making appropriate use of emerging technologies and education processes
- offering experiences that stress values and build character
- providing opportunities for all members of the community to become involved in the life of the school.
By living our mission, we will continue to create pride in self, family, and community.

Alma Mater

 Alma Mater
Campbell Memorial Fight Song