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Craig Kern


I attended the football game on Friday, September 17th, between Brookfield and Campbell Memorial.  What I witnessed prior to the start of the game I wanted to share with you.  I was standing near the end zone entrance to the field where the Campbell football team entered the field.  For some reason they were delayed on proceeding through the banner to the visitors side.  Just as the team assembled, the Brookfield band started playing the national anthem.  Two veterans started to raise the flag and when they finished they offered the customary hand salute until the completion of the national anthem.  At this point, the Campbell football team was at about the ten yard line, patiently waiting for the end of the anthem.  I noticed a Campbell player (number 74) stop and come off of the field and approach the two veterans who had just raised the flag and showed their respect by saluting. This player tapped them on the back and shook both of their hands and then thanked them.  I was amazed, being a veteran myself and a township trustee, my heart skipped a beat. I was so proud of this young man, not even knowing who he was.  Players are taught to be focused, especially on game day but this young man took himself away from that focus to show appreciation to a much more important issue.  I’m a big Brookfield fan but at that point I think Campbell Memorial won the game.  Hopefully you can share this story with number 74 and his team. The whole community should be proud to have this young man represent them.

Daniel Suttles

Brookfield Township Trustee

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