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The Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association proudly announces the 2024 commencement address will be given by Melissa Kmetz, the 2023 Ohio Teacher of the Year and the 2024 Ohio Teacher Fellow.

Melissa, a 1999 CMHS graduate, is a 21 year veteran of the classroom and has amassed an enviable number of awards and accolades. Ms. Kmetz garnered a Bachelor’s of Education degree (summa cum laude) and a Master’s degree in Reading from YSU. In her quest to gather as much expertise as possible, she furthered her knowledge through professional development at Harvard Graduate School of education. A lifelong learner, Ms. Kmetz actively seeks new and innovative projects to further advance her already stellar teaching style.

Because she grew up in a multi-ethnic, socio- economically diverse environment, Melissa easily assimilates into any educational or social setting. Campbell has always been a city that values every individual. Consequently, Melissa has always been, and will continue to be, a fierce advocate of culturally diverse curriculum, global education and student leadership/activism. In every classroom and educational arena, she has sought to create a safe environment which encourages every student to develop his full potential.
Her extensive altruistic pursuits did not go unnoticed and led to her attainment of the most prestigious education award, The 2023 Ohio Teacher of the Year. Throughout 2023, Melissa has traveled around Ohio, taking part in professional development programs which will further student advocacy and activism in the Ohio’s classrooms. She also traveled with the National Teacher of the Year program, collaborating with all 55 teachers of the year throughout the United States and its territories to strengthen our educational programs and policy at the national level. Additionally, she was able to attend events with President Biden, First Lady, Jill Biden, and important educational policymakers. In 2024, she will take a sabbatical year away from the classroom to serve as the Ohio Teacher Fellow of the Year, working with the Ohio Dept. of Education in Columbus. Due to her outstanding advocacy pursuits, OEA President Scott DiMauro has appointed her to a two-year term on OEA’s Human and Civil Rights Committee.

Melissa Kmetz is an exemplary teacher who is creating excitement in the classroom and securing a bright future for her students and young people around the globe. We are extremely proud to welcome Melissa Kmetz back to Red Devil country!

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