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Dr. Michael Patzakis

In 2023, 1955 CMHS graduate and world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Patzakis, established a $2,500 scholarship.

Magnanimously, this year, Dr. Patzakis will not only once again award this $2,500 scholarship, he will also sponsor an additional eight scholarships of varying amounts to honor the treasured memories of those beloved individuals who fostered his goals and supported him throughout his long and illustrious career.


Two Susan Giokaris Patzakis Memorial Nursing Scholarships of $1,500 each are established to honor Dr. Patzakis wife, Susan, who had a long, brilliant nursing career. $1,500 will be awarded to two students who wish to pursue a degree in the nursing field.

The John and Arfati Patzakis Memorial Scholarship of $ 2,000 will be awarded in memory of Dr. Patzakis’s beloved parents.

Two Flora, Cleopatra and Nikitas Patzakis Memorial Scholarships of $1,500 each will be awarded to two students in memory of Dr. Patzakis’s treasured siblings.

The Phillip M. Evanski Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 honors the memory of Dr. Patzakis’s best friend and classmate.

The Dr. Peter Tsaknis Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 is established in honor of Dr. Patzakis’s beloved cousin and classmate, Dr. Peter Tsaknis.

The recipients of these awards may be a CMHS graduating senior, a continuing education student or a post graduate student who has attained a 3.0 GPA or higher and must have been involved in volunteerism, academic and co-curricular activities.

The Coach John Knapick Memorial Trade School Scholarship of $600 is established by Dr. Patzakis to honor the memory of his coach and mentor, Mr. John Knapick.

The Coach Carmen Julius Memorial Trade Scholarship of $600 is established to honor the memory of Mr. Carmen Julius, Dr. Patzakis’s coach and role model.

These scholarships will be awarded to two individuals who wish to pursue a degree in a skilled trade.

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Dr. Michael Patzakis