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Peter M. Psaras - Class of 2006

We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Peter M. Psaras - Class of 2006

What achievements would catapult a young CMHS graduate to Hall of Fame honors status? We believe becoming a lead engineer in NASA’s Artemis program, aimed at returning astronauts to the Moon to establish a permanent human lunar presence, indeed, qualifies a Red Devil, of any age, to be granted our highest honor!

Throughout his life, spent in our beautiful Campbell community, Mr. Psaras has demonstrated great determination and fortitude, which led to his status as 2006 class valedictorian. He was also highly involved in every facet of his education---academic, social, religious and athletic. After his graduation, Peter initially met with some academic hardships at Purdue University; however, his strong desire to succeed despite any obstacles led to his achieving great academic success and to his prestigious attainment of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Space Propulsion and Aerospace Vehicle Design. These stellar accomplishments opened the floodgates which have led Peter to garner a multitude of accolades and accomplishments that rival any graduate from any school in the country.

Peter’s spirit of Invictus will propel him to even greater heights in the near future; and, he will most definitely serve as a source of inspiration to Red Devils of all ages across this nation! Peter, and other young accomplished Red Devils, represents our association’s future! We can rest assured that our Campbell traditions will continue for decades to come because of our continued prowess!

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