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We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Robert J. Kovach – Class of 1969

Surprise, Banker Bob!! 1969 CMHS graduate, Robert Kovach, is one of the unsung heroes of our alumni association. Bob has been very involved in our association from the day his brother, John, organized and founded our organization. Given the fact that Bob is the ultimate giver and altruistic advocate of not only our association, but society at large, he strongly resists any attention or reward for his multitude of charitable acts. For this reason, the association has decided that we will give him no choice but to be inducted into our Hall of Fame! Truth be told, the alumni association would not have flourished if our treasury wizard, Bob, did not work his financial magic and make certain we met every legal requirement, every IRS deadline, maintained a healthy fiscal plan and ensured that every scholarship recipient was awarded as much financial assistance as was possible to assist them in achieving their career goals. Additionally, he sponsors a YSU scholarship in his brother’s memory and has organized and contributed to a scholarship sponsored by his 1969 class. Additionally, Bob co-chairs all of the alumni association’s events, including the Hall of Fame Banquet and the All Class Reunion. A lifelong member and staunch supporter of St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Church, Mr. Kovach serves on their Financial Advisory Board and admirably volunteers countless hours to ensure the success of the St. Michael’s events and activities.
Bob’s contributions to our organization, the Campbell community and our Valley are immeasurable. He truly is that genuine guy who “pays it forward” with no expectation of gratitude or personal gain. Thank you, Bob!! Your Campbell community is proud to call you Red Devil Strong!!

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