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Applications are now being accepted for our continued education (current college student with one completed school year at a university), post graduate students, and students in medical school (John Uhlar application).  Applications are available in the links below and at the alumni office at Memorial High School.

Applications must be post marked no later than April 12, 2024.  Mail your completed application along with school transcripts to:

Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association
P. O. Box 23
Campbell, Ohio  44405
Attention:  Scholarship Committee

Continued Education (current college student with one completed school year at a university)
Post Graduate Students
Students in Medical School (John Uhlar application)

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Dear Friends of the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association,

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, eight outstanding Red Devils will be inducted into
the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association’s 5th Hall of Fame
class. We invite you to join us on this joyous occasion as we honor those who
bring honor to us!

The event will be held at St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church Social Hall on
Robinson Road in Campbell, Ohio. A social hour will begin at 6:00 pm with
dinner to follow at 7:00 pm. Since we have not been able to hold our bi-annual Hall of Fame Honors Banquet for the last
five years, the association has made the decision to forego our scholarship fundraising Reverse Raffle, which is held in
conjunction with the banquet, and charge a $50.00 ticket price, which is a close to cost as possible, despite soaring food,
beverage and service costs. In doing so, it is our hope that this encourages hundreds of Red Devils to join us in our
celebratory tribute of these exceptional Campbell graduates who have brought fame and recognition to our schools and

Tickets may be purchased by mail, using the form below, by phone at 330-799-1232, or at the alumni office located at
Memorial High School. PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $2.00 service charge for credit card purchases. If you prefer to
purchase tickets by mail, please complete the form below and return with your payment and self-addressed stamped
envelope. We will mail tickets to you. Deadline to purchase tickets by mail only is April 12, 2024.

Furthermore, we have also enclosed a Hall of Fame Program Ad Form for anyone who wishes to express congratulations
to our worthy honorees.

If you are unable to attend this year's event, please consider making a donation to the Campbell Memorial High School
Alumni Association.

Let’s make this night a most special event as we celebrate our inductees’ great accomplishments and ALL THINGS

Please Support the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association!

Download Letter from Alumni
Download Hall of Fame Program Ad Form

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The Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association proudly announces the 2024 commencement address will be given by Melissa Kmetz, the 2023 Ohio Teacher of the Year and the 2024 Ohio Teacher Fellow.

Melissa, a 1999 CMHS graduate, is a 21 year veteran of the classroom and has amassed an enviable number of awards and accolades. Ms. Kmetz garnered a Bachelor’s of Education degree (summa cum laude) and a Master’s degree in Reading from YSU. In her quest to gather as much expertise as possible, she furthered her knowledge through professional development at Harvard Graduate School of education. A lifelong learner, Ms. Kmetz actively seeks new and innovative projects to further advance her already stellar teaching style.

Because she grew up in a multi-ethnic, socio- economically diverse environment, Melissa easily assimilates into any educational or social setting. Campbell has always been a city that values every individual. Consequently, Melissa has always been, and will continue to be, a fierce advocate of culturally diverse curriculum, global education and student leadership/activism. In every classroom and educational arena, she has sought to create a safe environment which encourages every student to develop his full potential.
Her extensive altruistic pursuits did not go unnoticed and led to her attainment of the most prestigious education award, The 2023 Ohio Teacher of the Year. Throughout 2023, Melissa has traveled around Ohio, taking part in professional development programs which will further student advocacy and activism in the Ohio’s classrooms. She also traveled with the National Teacher of the Year program, collaborating with all 55 teachers of the year throughout the United States and its territories to strengthen our educational programs and policy at the national level. Additionally, she was able to attend events with President Biden, First Lady, Jill Biden, and important educational policymakers. In 2024, she will take a sabbatical year away from the classroom to serve as the Ohio Teacher Fellow of the Year, working with the Ohio Dept. of Education in Columbus. Due to her outstanding advocacy pursuits, OEA President Scott DiMauro has appointed her to a two-year term on OEA’s Human and Civil Rights Committee.

Melissa Kmetz is an exemplary teacher who is creating excitement in the classroom and securing a bright future for her students and young people around the globe. We are extremely proud to welcome Melissa Kmetz back to Red Devil country!

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The Alvira Serluco Memorial Education Scholarship

We are pleased to announce a new scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

The Alvira Serluco Memorial Education Scholarship of $1,000 has been established by Anthony and Donna Seluco and family and friends to honor the memory of a beloved Campbell elementary education teacher, Mrs. Alvira Serluco. Mrs. Serluco dedicated her long and illustrious 41 yr career to the teaching of Campbell’s students at Penhale and Gordon Elementary Schools. She was also highly involved in her church and community, extending her life’s lessons to many of Campbell’s youth.

This scholarship will be awarded to a student has garnered a 3.0 GPA, is active in school and community activities and who will seek a career in education in the fall.

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The Theodore “Tedo” Perantinides Memorial Scholarship

We are pleased to announce a new scholarship established by Attorney Paul Perantinides (class of 1962).

The Theodore “Tedo” Perantinides Memorial Scholarship

Atty. Paul Perantinides, a 1962 CMHS graduate, CMHSAA Hall of Fame recipient and founding trustee, has established a $2,500 renewable scholarship in memory of his beloved brother, Mr. Theodore “Tedo” Perantinides.

Tedo, a 1959 CMHS graduate, was a lifelong Campbell resident and an active member of his church and city communities. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Admnistration from YSU, Mr. Perantinides attained successful careers as an industrial painter and a Certified Life Underwriter; but, most importantly, he was a staunch advocate of our city who believed in doing all that he could to continue our strong Campbell traditions. Consequently, he raised his three daughters in his treasured city and each of them, Atty. Nomiki Tsarnas, Harriet Perantinides Cortez( CMHSAA founding trustee) and Mrs. Evangela Hazimihalis have gone on to garner careers that demonstrate our traditions of excellence are evident!

The Theodore “Tedo” Perantinides Memorial Scholarship of $2,500, sponsored by his brother, Atty. Paul Perantinides, is renewable for 3 additional years to total $10,000 if the sponsor’s requirements are met.

The recipient must be a CMHS graduating senior or continuing education student

(sophomore or higher), have garnered a 3.0 GPA or higher, be actively involved in school and community activities and pursue a degree at Youngstown State University.

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Dr. Michael Patzakis

In 2023, 1955 CMHS graduate and world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Patzakis, established a $2,500 scholarship.

Magnanimously, this year, Dr. Patzakis will not only once again award this $2,500 scholarship, he will also sponsor an additional eight scholarships of varying amounts to honor the treasured memories of those beloved individuals who fostered his goals and supported him throughout his long and illustrious career.


Two Susan Giokaris Patzakis Memorial Nursing Scholarships of $1,500 each are established to honor Dr. Patzakis wife, Susan, who had a long, brilliant nursing career. $1,500 will be awarded to two students who wish to pursue a degree in the nursing field.

The John and Arfati Patzakis Memorial Scholarship of $ 2,000 will be awarded in memory of Dr. Patzakis’s beloved parents.

Two Flora, Cleopatra and Nikitas Patzakis Memorial Scholarships of $1,500 each will be awarded to two students in memory of Dr. Patzakis’s treasured siblings.

The Phillip M. Evanski Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 honors the memory of Dr. Patzakis’s best friend and classmate.

The Dr. Peter Tsaknis Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 is established in honor of Dr. Patzakis’s beloved cousin and classmate, Dr. Peter Tsaknis.

The recipients of these awards may be a CMHS graduating senior, a continuing education student or a post graduate student who has attained a 3.0 GPA or higher and must have been involved in volunteerism, academic and co-curricular activities.

The Coach John Knapick Memorial Trade School Scholarship of $600 is established by Dr. Patzakis to honor the memory of his coach and mentor, Mr. John Knapick.

The Coach Carmen Julius Memorial Trade Scholarship of $600 is established to honor the memory of Mr. Carmen Julius, Dr. Patzakis’s coach and role model.

These scholarships will be awarded to two individuals who wish to pursue a degree in a skilled trade.

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Peter M. Psaras - Class of 2006

We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Peter M. Psaras - Class of 2006

What achievements would catapult a young CMHS graduate to Hall of Fame honors status? We believe becoming a lead engineer in NASA’s Artemis program, aimed at returning astronauts to the Moon to establish a permanent human lunar presence, indeed, qualifies a Red Devil, of any age, to be granted our highest honor!

Throughout his life, spent in our beautiful Campbell community, Mr. Psaras has demonstrated great determination and fortitude, which led to his status as 2006 class valedictorian. He was also highly involved in every facet of his education---academic, social, religious and athletic. After his graduation, Peter initially met with some academic hardships at Purdue University; however, his strong desire to succeed despite any obstacles led to his achieving great academic success and to his prestigious attainment of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Space Propulsion and Aerospace Vehicle Design. These stellar accomplishments opened the floodgates which have led Peter to garner a multitude of accolades and accomplishments that rival any graduate from any school in the country.

Peter’s spirit of Invictus will propel him to even greater heights in the near future; and, he will most definitely serve as a source of inspiration to Red Devils of all ages across this nation! Peter, and other young accomplished Red Devils, represents our association’s future! We can rest assured that our Campbell traditions will continue for decades to come because of our continued prowess!

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Deland McCullough - Class 1991

We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Deland McCullough - Class 1991

Coach, teacher, mentor, confidante, athlete, role model, friend---all titles that embody the next CMHSAA inductee, 1991 CMHS graduate, Deland McCullough. Deland epitomizes every attribute of a leader—one who leads not by words, but example.

Surely, his immense athletic prowess is not in question and his entrance into the Campbell Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame was a given. There are not many Red Devil athletes who have achieved the truly remarkable accomplishments that dominant Deland McCullough’s resume. From leading the Red Devils to many victories on the John Knapick field, playing in the college and NFL arenas to coaching high school and the highest levels of college football. An author with an upcoming book, Deland also garnered a Super Bowl Championship trophy as a coach and an Emmy Award for his work on an ESPN special relating the extraordinary details of his life.
Obviously, Deland has made proven Campbell Memorial High School produces some of the best athletes in the nation.

Now, the association wishes to demonstrate his worthiness as a CMHSAA Hall of Fame inductee.

Through no fault of his own, Deland( adopted as a child) grew up learning to adapt and persevere in what could be considered very arduous circumstances. While many young men would have adopted that negativity as their way of life, Deland used the negativity as a blueprint for what he DIDN’T want for his future. He actively sought guidance from wonderful mentors- his brother, Damon (also an exemplary role model), his teachers and his coaches. Perhaps, his most influential mentor was his college coach, Sherman Smith, a man who truly embraced Deland. In the coming years, it was discovered that Sherman Smith, was, indeed, Deland’s biological father. These two men were bound by blood; but, their bond of love and respect is the most important gift they have ever been given. Long before finding his biological father, Deland had assisted countless athletes and students as they sought to lead successful lives. In addition to his vast coaching career, he served as a principal, dean of students, athletic director and mentor to students across the United States. He often would come back to Campbell to observe the players at practice. Many of them had no idea who he was; but, at the end of the day, he would speak to the team and give his phone number to the kids who solicited his advice. He also has sponsored an annual $5,000 student- athlete award to a CMHS graduating senior and generously contributed to our athletic programs

Ben Bernanke states: “If your uniform isn’t dirty, you haven’t been in the game”. Deland McCullough’s uniform is packed with dirt! He is a warrior who has attained victory on the athletic fields and in the game of life. He has represented our Campbell community well in every arena and, we are truly honored to induct Deland McCullough into the CMHSAA Hall of Fame.

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Mike G. Corfias, MD - Class of 1986

We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Mike G. Corfias, MD - Class of 1986

Dr. Corfias, the 1986 CMHS class valedictorian and prominent local anesthesiologist, is a diehard Red Devil who has remained a lifelong, faithful proponent of our community, school and Campbell athletics. Mike has never forgotten his Campbell roots and can still be seen at Campbell’s football and basketball games, his beloved St. Michael the Archangel Church services and activities, the residences of his Campbell family members and friends or the CWLCC, where his sons are members. Furthermore, he has generously given financial support to our community and Campbell athletics programs and is a founding trustee of the CMHSAA. Dr. Corfias grew up in a family that valued and supported our ancestors’ strong work ethic and rich cultural traditions. Therefore, in 2022, he and his sister, Irene Corfias Miaoulis, a 1981 CMHS class valedictorian, established a $1,000 scholarship to honor the memories of their beloved parents; George & Popi Corfias, who fostered those values throughout their lives .From our inception, Mike has been one of our most generous benefactors and became a trustee within a month of the founding of our association. Additionally, he sponsors a scholarship through his church and generously contributes to Campbell Memorial High School’s athletic programs, Campbell’s community events and worthy organizations.

Dr. Corfias is a mainstay in our valley- a highly respected anesthesiologist specializing in pain management in order to assist so many in their healing and recovery. He sacrifices so much so that others can lead their best lives. Most importantly, however, red & black flows through Mike’s veins, and we can count on him to keep Campbell Red Devils proud and strong!

It is our honor to induct Dr. Mike G. Corfias into the CMHSAA Hall of Fame.

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John R. Jakubek, M.D. – Class of 1975

We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

John R. Jakubek, M.D. – Class of 1975

Dr. John Jakubek, a 1975 CMHS class salutatorian, is a renowned anesthesiologist, who has brilliantly served our Valley for the past thirty-eight years. Jack is a 1969 summa cum laude graduate or Youngstown State University and a 1982 graduate of The Oho State University School of Medicine. Armed with these many academic achievements, Jack could have established a practice in any state; however, he chose to “make a difference at home”. To that end, Dr. Jakubek has served at hospitals and medical facilities around the Valley, donning the hats of chairman of the dept. of anesthesiology, president of anesthesia practices. medical director, surveyor and director of anesthesia, to mention a few. Currently, Dr. Jakubek continues to serve the area as a staff anesthesiologist at Bel- Park Anesthesia Associates, Inc. This is one of the many positions he has held since 1985.

Always an advocate of our Valley’s young people, Dr. Jakubek served on the YSU Board of Trustees from May, 2009 until his term expired in April, 2023. During his time on the YSU board, the university implemented many innovative, highly successful,l educational advancements and established a plethora of new student and community opportunities; and, under the presidency of Jim Tressel, raised unprecedented funds to move the university forward.

Dr. Jakubek credits much of his success to the education he received in Campbell City Schools and has always been a strong supporter of our schools and community. Consequently, in 2013, Dr. Jakubek established The John & Josephine Jakubek YSU Memorial Scholarship, in memory of his beloved parents, for a Campbell Memorial High School graduate funded through the Youngstown State University Foundation.

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We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Robert J. Kovach – Class of 1969

Surprise, Banker Bob!! 1969 CMHS graduate, Robert Kovach, is one of the unsung heroes of our alumni association. Bob has been very involved in our association from the day his brother, John, organized and founded our organization. Given the fact that Bob is the ultimate giver and altruistic advocate of not only our association, but society at large, he strongly resists any attention or reward for his multitude of charitable acts. For this reason, the association has decided that we will give him no choice but to be inducted into our Hall of Fame! Truth be told, the alumni association would not have flourished if our treasury wizard, Bob, did not work his financial magic and make certain we met every legal requirement, every IRS deadline, maintained a healthy fiscal plan and ensured that every scholarship recipient was awarded as much financial assistance as was possible to assist them in achieving their career goals. Additionally, he sponsors a YSU scholarship in his brother’s memory and has organized and contributed to a scholarship sponsored by his 1969 class. Additionally, Bob co-chairs all of the alumni association’s events, including the Hall of Fame Banquet and the All Class Reunion. A lifelong member and staunch supporter of St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Church, Mr. Kovach serves on their Financial Advisory Board and admirably volunteers countless hours to ensure the success of the St. Michael’s events and activities.
Bob’s contributions to our organization, the Campbell community and our Valley are immeasurable. He truly is that genuine guy who “pays it forward” with no expectation of gratitude or personal gain. Thank you, Bob!! Your Campbell community is proud to call you Red Devil Strong!!

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Dr. Michael A. Pikos – Class of 1968

We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Dr. Michael A. Pikos – Class of 1968

Dr. Michael A. Pikos, 1968 CMHS class valedictorian and president, is a consummate Red Devil who has attained a plethora of personal and professional achievements that have brought fame and recognition to our beloved city.

Michael was raised in a family of proud Campbellites who highly valued our Campbell traditions. From his youth, Dr. Pikos demonstrated this same kind of determination and fortitude in pursuance of his goals. His academic prowess was clearly evident and he was the kind of student most revered in the world of academia. Michael also volunteered many hours to his church and community activities as he sought to aid the less fortunate. He was also a trusted friend as is evidenced by his position as class president. All of these many attributes and achievements assisted in his attainment of a well- rounded education that would serve him well in his storied career.

After graduating summa cum laude from The Ohio State University, Dr. Pikos graduated with honors from The Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry. These achievements culminated in his vast accomplishments in the field of dentistry that are too numerous to enumerate. He is the founder and CEO of the Pikos Institute and has been teaching advanced bone and soft tissue grafting courses along with full arch immediate reconstruction courses to his institute’s 6,000+ alumni from all 50 states and 67 countries.

Dr. Pikos truly treasures his upbringing and education in Campbell, and he has demonstrated his commitment to our schools and community by annually offering a $2,500 scholarship to a graduating senior. Although he has been honored , nationally and internationally, for his most impressive medical achievements, he was humbled to accept our Hall of Fame honors, referring to it as “ one of the proudest moments of his life”.

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Mrs. Ruby D. Hrelec Peltz – Class of 1967

We are pleased to announce the next inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Mrs. Ruby D. Hrelec Peltz – Class of 1967

It is, indeed, an honor to induct another stellar Campbell City Schools educator into our 5th CMHSAA Hall of Fame. Mrs. Peltz, a 1967 CMHS graduate, served as a teacher in Campbell City Schools for 35 years. She and her husband, Ken, a 1965 Campbell graduate, never left the city of their ancestors, choosing to raise and educate their two sons in Campbell to offer them the same level of quality education that they had received.

She was always an advocate and champion of her students, in and out of the classroom. Among her many altruistic events, she served for many years as president of the Campbell Academic Association, chairperson of the CAA scholarship committee, coordinator of Camp Fitch student trips, and chairperson of Family Math Night. Mrs. Peltz was always a favorite of her students, her colleagues and her staff, because she was willing to go beyond the perfunctory performance of her duties and really make a difference in people’s lives. This is evidenced by her attainment of many educator awards.

Ruby was, and remains, a most devoted Campbell advocate. Despite a demanding personal schedule, Ruby is always ready to take on a challenge, found an organization, or coordinate an event that would shine a positive light on the city she loves.

At the initial CMHSAA meeting, Ruby and Ken pledged to become founding trustees of our fledging association--- she has never floundered in her commitment since that day and is a stalwart defender of all things Campbell!

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Mr. James M. Cioffi – Class of 1956

We are pleased to announce the first inductee to the Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Mr. James M. Cioffi – Class of 1956

James Cioffi, a proud 1956 CMHS graduate, has positively impacted the CMHSAA and our Campbell community throughout his life. Born and raised in Campbell, Jim only left his beloved city for one year when he attended Ohio Northern University. He just couldn’t find the love of our small, close-knit community anywhere else.

After returning to Campbell, he obtained a degree in education, specializing in mathematics, at Youngstown State University. He then taught for two years at East High School before returning to his treasured alma mater. After obtaining his Master’s degree in administration and principalship, he quickly garnered a position as principal at Reed Middle School, and finally, moved back to the hallowed halls of CMHS to serve as vice principal.

Jim has immersed himself in the Campbell community since his youth. He truly reveres our city and has been involved in every facet of our community. His family owned the local grocery store, Value King, for generations. In his teens, Mr. Cioffi began working at the grocery store, performing any task that was asked of him. For a long while, he would teach our Campbell kids during the day and serve as their parents’ butcher on nights and weekends.

The most loyal of Red Devils, Jim readily took over the position of president of the alumni assn. when we were at a crossroads as to the trajectory of our organization. He has never refused any request that our association has made and has unselfishly given of his time and efforts to ensure its continuing success. There is no doubt that this ultimate Red Devil deserves Hall of Fame honors.

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The Campbell Memorial High School Alumni Association is proud to announce our 2023 scholarship recipients as well as recipients receiving renewable scholarships.  We thank our alumni scholarship sponsors for their generosity and commitment in assisting fellow Red Devils!!!
2023 Scholarship Recipients

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Peter Psaras - Class of 2006

We are pleased to share Mr. Peter Psara, class of 2006, will address the Memorial High School class of 2023 at commencement ceremonies on June 1, 2023.

Mr. Psaras graduated from Campbell Memorial High School in 2006 as Valedictorian of his class.

Pursuing an interest in Aerospace Engineering, he attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Space Propulsion and Aerospace Vehicle Design. Mr. Psaras then went on to pursue a career at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration at the John Glenn Research Center in 2012, where he began work on NASA’s Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT), which launched in November 2021. NEXT propelled the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft which was aimed at testing methods of planetary defense.

Since 2016, he has been an integral part of the Artemis program, which is a NASA collaboration with the European Space Agency, Lockheed Martin and various other commercial partners aimed at returning astronauts to the Moon to establish a permanent human lunar presence. NASA will use what they learn on and around the Moon to take the next giant leap: Sending the first astronauts to Mars. He previously served as the Reaction Control System Engineering Lead for the European Service Module successfully guiding the development of RCS flight hardware for Artemis-1 and 2 though assembly, Acceptance and Qualification testing and delivery.

Mr. Psaras is currently the Lead Engineer for all Propulsion Subsystem Components, responsible for guiding flight hardware through development, testing, integration into the vehicle and flight operation support. The culmination of these efforts has resulted in a successful completion of the Artemis-1 mission on Dec 11, 2022, setting the distance record for a human space rated vehicle at 260,000 miles, previously set by Apollo 13.

Mr. Psaras will be representing NASA Propulsion as part of the mission evaluation team at Houston’s Johnson Space Center for Artemis 2, a crewed mission which will launch in November 2024.

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