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Board of Education

Standing:   Tony Kelly, President; Matthew Bowen, Superintendent; Gary Bednarik
Seated:   Judy Gozur; Tina Tsagaris; Beth Donofrio, Vice-President; Nora Montanez, Treasurer

Board of Education Phone: (330) 799-8777
Board of Education Fax: (330) 799-0875

The Campbell School District is a very proud and culturally diverse community that takes a sincere interest in the education of its children and families.

Our mission is to provide an educational environment that:
- offers opportunities consistent with each learner's needs and stage of development
 - creates exciting, challenging learning experiences
 - fosters members of society who are cooperative, self-sufficient, ethical, and responsible
 - engages all community members and resources

We are dedicated to meeting the inherent challenges of our evolving educational needs by:
 - diversifying our methods of instruction
 - making appropriate use of emerging technologies and education processes
 - offering experiences that stress values and build character
 - providing opportunities for all members of the community to become involved in the life of the school.

By living our mission, we will continue to create pride in self, family, and community.

Board Members