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Classroom Policies

Mrs. Rosensteel’s Classroom Policies


Dear Parents,


Greetings! I hope that this letter finds you in good health and rested from the summer! I am excited about teaching 7th grade Social Studies this year! I probably have had many of your students in the past in Kindergarten, but now we are on to a new adventure. Here are some of my classroom policies:

 Student Expectations:

Be there, Be ready, Be respectful

•Be in your assigned seat at the start of class ready to learn.

•Follow classroom procedures and school rules.

•Bring all materials to class each day.

•Actively participate in class and do your best each day!

•Listen while others are talking.

 •Raise your hand before speaking.

•Take care of materials.


Teacher Management:

• Positive Reinforcement (“Good job!,” Generals Best, Good Notes, Classroom Drawings, Classroom Awards, positive phone call etc.)

• Verbal Reminder/conference with student

• Non-verbal communication (eye contact, physical proximity, visual reminder card, etc.)

• Seat assignment change

• Phone call home

• Detention/referral

 • Other management strategies appropriate for the situation Consequences.

***Major Clause: Severe misbehavior may result in immediate removal to the Principal’s office (ex. Blatant disrespect, fighting, bullying, foul language, etc.)


Academic Policies

?Homework- must be completed daily and on time to keep up in any class. Homework assignments will be written on the board daily and posted weekly on our websites. It is the student’s responsibility to write homework in his/her agenda daily. 


IN CLASS JOURNAL – Students are required to keep a class participation notebook that remains in the classroom and is 25% of their grade.


?Late Work Policy- Late work defined = Late work is an assignment that a student has submitted late, not an assignment that has been done to make-up work accrued during absences. Late work does not pertain to tests, quizzes, or labs done in class, but assignments done outside of class: homework,  projects, etc. All tests must be made up within 5 days of returning to school IN CLASS only.

Students may turn in work late, with a penalty of 8 points off for each day they turn in an assignment late. The floor for grading completed work is a 65.

1 day late-highest grade possible is a 92

2 days late-highest grade possible is an 84

3 days late-highest grade possible is a 76

4 days late-highest grade possible is a 68

5  days late-highest grade is a 65

*** Will not accept homework after 5 days


If you have any questions please contact me at : 330-000-0000, or to set up an appointment.


Please sign and return all attached forms .  I Look forward to a great year with your student!





Mrs. Maria Rosensteel, M. ED

7th Grade Social Studies Educator


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