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October's Homework Assignments 


1.October 2nd- Quiz on vocabulary from Chapter 25 & 26(History Alive! The Ancient World) : peninsula,settlement,shelter,colonist,merchant,monarch,aristocrat,oligarch,tyrant,citizen,assembly,direct democracy,representative democracy


2. October 4th--Read & answer questions from 2 handouts :"Sparta: Raising an Army, pg.7"& "Athens: Democracy in Greece,pg 8" & ". Answer in complete sentences.Worth 5 points each.


3.October 5th--Read & answer questions from 2 handouts : "The Persian War Begin,pg 10" & "The Persian Wars Continue,pg11".


4.October 5th-- Students received a handout on chapters (27 & 28) vocabulary quiz on Friday,October 9th.


5.October 7th--Students will receive 2 articles to read & answer questions :1.) The Golden Age of Athens,478-431 B.C.,pg.12(10 points) & 2.)Greek Gods and Goddesses,pg.13(10 points).


6.October 7th--Students will receive 2 articles to read & answer questions :1.) Olympic Games, pg.14 & 2.Homer's Illiad & Odyssey,Pg.4


7.October 26th--Collecting all in-class worksheets: 1.)Chp.28 -The Persian Wars, 2.)KWL Graphic Organizer :The Battle of Thermapylae & Essay & 3.)Chp.29- The Golden Age Of Athens,pgs.189-191.


8.October 26th--Final Greek Project(Poster Activity).Worth 30 points.also,Miss.Thomas' Poster project is due.(Ancient Roman God/Goddess.Worth 25 points.I will be collecting their S.Studies' notebook.Worth 10 points & any late in-class worksheets or "Homework"articles.

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