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Kindergarten Supply List




Families:  Keep your eyes open for sales at Target, Staples, Marc’s, Wal-Mart and Kmart in the summer---great deals!! 
Remember that these items will need replaced often, so buy ahead on sale then you will be prepared all year long!!!!


____BOOKBAG—large enough to hold a regular folder

____1 Pencil box—hard, plastic, 8”x6” size (which is usually the standard size)

____1 pack of #2 yellow pencils

____2 boxes CRAYOLA crayons (please no more than 24 in a box and do not buy a different brand)


____2 WIDE RULED one subject notebooks

____1 pair of HEADPHONES (the kind from the dollar store is fine—not the ear buds, please, regular headphones)

____1 PAINT SHIRT—old large shirt or smock, with name inside

____2 boxes of TISSUES

____1 roll of PAPER TOWELS

____1 box GALLON Ziploc bags  (boys only)

____1 box QUART Ziploc bags (girls only)

____1 container of CLOROX wipes (boys only)

____1 bottle of hand sanitizer—8 oz or larger (girls only)

_____An extra set of clothes (does not need to be uniform) for emergency spills or accidents to be kept in cubby


Place all items in a large brown grocery bag or plastic with your child’s name on it.  Please label all items with your child’s name
Please note that once the school year begins, your child’s teacher may need other items. 
**Please do NOT send any other items not on the list (pencil sharpeners, rulers, markers).  They will be returned.


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