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Be Here, Be Present and Be Engaged!


We are providing some early insight to what you should expect with the new 5 Star report card being released. The Campbell City School District received ratings in Achievement: 2 Stars, Progress: 4 Stars, Gap Closing: 3 Stars, Graduation Rate: 2 Stars and Early Literacy: 2 Stars.

Students continue to make progress in Campbell City Schools despite the unique challenges all districts faced during the pandemic. The District’s 4-star Progress rating, according to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is, “significant evidence that student growth exceeded student growth expectations”. This is very noticeable in the following areas of English Language Arts in grades 4, 6, and 7, Math in grades 4, 6, and Algebra I and Biology.

The District received a Gap Closing Component Rating of 3 Stars. The gifted population received the highest rating. The Black non-Hispanic, Economically Disadvantaged, and Hispanic student groups exceeded the performance goal according to the ODE in Language Arts and Math. English Learners also exceeded the goal in mathematics.

Achievement Data reveals gains greater than pre-pandemic scores in Mathematics grade 3; English Language Arts grades 3, 4, and 5; and Science grade 5. The district’s gains in English Language Arts can be attributed to the consistency and use of the Literacy Collaborative Framework with additional phonemic awareness supplemental materials.

There are areas to celebrate and opportunities to grow.

As we further evaluate the data, a correlation can be drawn between attendance and achievement. We did not earn the Chronic Absenteeism Indicator. The District’s score was 41.9%, and the new goal requires us to reduce chronic absenteeism to 22.1% or less. To achieve this goal we must improve students’ daily attendance. Students who regularly attend school outperform their non-attending peers regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or native language. Student attendance is paramount.

Parents and guardians, with the pandemic mostly behind us, please help us help your children. Please make every effort to encourage your child’s daily attendance. We need them here on time, present and engaged! The year has just begun, and the attendance rate is hovering around 80%. We maintain high standards for our students, and we need them in school learning. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.